For decades cannabis has been painted as nothing more than “getting high”. A real effort has been made to depict cannabis as another drug that hurts society and aids crime, but modern science has proven that cannabis is much more than the stigma associated to it.

1. Cannabis is safer than most prescribed medications. 

Humans have been using cannabis as a medicine for thousands of years and there has NEVER been a death directly attributed to overdose. 10g of acetaminophen (Tylenol) is toxic. Hypothetically it would take 1.8kg of cannabis to be toxic and even then it wouldn’t be fatal. 


Raw flower has no effect, so even if children find and consume raw cannabis flower, they won’t get “high”, which is another way cannabis is safer than many pills. 

2. Marijuana comes in many different forms

If you tried cannabis in the past and didn’t like the way it felt, it could have been because you had a “Strain” that didn’t agree with you. A strain is specific cross breed of cannabis. Cannabis naturally comes in different varieties, in much the same way some people like 70% dark chocolate and others like caramel milk chocolate, there is probably one that will agree with you. One of the advantages of natural medicine is that it can be tailored to your specific health problem and body. The drawback is that we’ve neglected research on cannabis for so long that it is impossible to predict how it will make you feel, which means that the process of what’s right for you is down to trial and error. This can put some people off but legalising the plant will at least make it so that more strains, science and information will be available on how it might make you feel. 

3. You don’t have to smoke it

There are many ways that cannabis can aid you in your health. 

Topical ointments and balms are great for helping surface level pain. Plus they have the added assurance that you wont feel a “psychoactive effect” because the THC will soothe your muscles but wont enter your bloodstream, which means you cant get high. 

Smoking or vaping are the fastest way to deliver medical cannabis. Inhaling put the THC into you lungs the quickest, with the effects of the THC peaking at about 20 minutes. 

Eating activated cannabis (not raw flower) is a great way to get medicine without inhaling it. Depending on the potency of what you take, the effects will also last longer. The downside is that it can be hard to tell when the effects will start because it is dependant on your metabolism. This can be the trickiest way to consume cannabis so talk to your doctor first because once you eat it, you cant go back.

4. It can help Arthritis 

Topical balms are prefect for reducing some of the inflammation in joints. Plus they won’t make you feel high. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are proven anti-inflammatories, plus they are amazing at relaxing muscle tension. If your interested in a supplemental form CBD can be taken in pill form or if you’re looking for preventative medicine, try adding hemp seeds into your diet. The high omega fatty acids are great for fending off achey joints. 

5. Cannabis can help you sleep

Certain Cannabis strains, especially in the Indica family of cannabis, can really aid in sleep. This is especially true if raw flower is smoked. Certain terpenes like Myrcene and Pinene are especially helpful as sleep aids. Plants may have developed these as defence mechanisms to get attacking herbivore animals to fall asleep before they could consume the full plant. Not sure if your cannabis has these terpenes, just follow your nose. Myrcene smells musty and spicy, whereas Pinene smells like, you guessed it, pine trees.

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