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The polls are now open, but will ‘progressive New Zealand’ vote YES?

With less than a week left before the voting deadline, many feel the result hinges on youth turnout in the voting polls. What we do know for certain, is that the conversation is happening. More and more people are talking to family and friends about voting yes and stressing the importance registering and making sure to vote. Read More

Blender Beetroot Pasta with Hemp (aka pink pasta)

This quick and easy dinner recipe is packed with flavour and fuelled with the nutritional benefits of hemp oil and hemp seeds. Read More

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern changes election date to 17 October

With far too many annoyances, disasters and controversy, 2020 continues to be the year that no one wanted. Lockdowns, a punch to the economy, death, fires, a moratorium on hugging, and every other social restriction, has crowned COVID 19 as king of this year’s Bad Times Ball. Read More

2020 Referendum: Poll suggests it may come down to voter turnout

New Zealanders will get their say via the General Election this September, with two referendums as well as a general election. The two referendums are the End of Life Choice referendum, and Cannabis legalisation and control referendum. Both are a single vote with a 50% majority mandate. Read More