If the 2020 Referendum on Cannabis passes you’ll be able to grow two plants for personal use, with a cap of 4 plants max per household. These plants will be subject to some common sense regulations, which means you can’t give any cannabis to minors or grow it in your front yard. However, you will be able to trade it with your friends and homegrown will not be capped by THC limits that are subject to commercial growers. With outdoor plants able to produce up to 500 grams per plant, so you’ll have more than enough to get by – if you do it right. 

Growing at home can be a little harder than it seems, so we put together this beginners guide to help you on your way.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

Cannabis can be grown inside using light lamps out outside the old fashioned way. Indoor tends to be much more complicated and expensive because nature is a hard imitate. For instance, if you don’t have a fan on your plants to simulate wind, their stalks won’t develop and you’ll end up with some limp cannabis plants. Also, all that artificial light will also cost you a fair bit of coin, so start saving if you want to take this route. 

Experienced and commercial growers prefer indoor because they can craft the exact growing conditions with artificial light patterns, which help the plants yield their maximum amount. Unless you’re ready to really commit to some serious growing, we suggest trying outdoor first. 

Outdoor has it’s drawback too, like being limited growing during spring/summer months and plants are subject to far more variables, like changes in the weather. Growing outdoor can make you pretty nervous when you see heavy rains in the forecast during harvest season.


Know your seeds. Since Cannabis evolved all over the world, different strains have different ideal growing conditions. Don’t just wing it! Know what you’re looking to grow and how it grows best. Get Feminized seeds if you want female plants with THC producing flowers. Feminized seeds are selected to produce female plants. XY chromosome seeds, or “normal seeds”, can produce more male than female, but XX seeds are going to be 99% female.

Female cannabis plants will start to flower once the sun conditions are right. Classically plants will start to flower once the days start to get shorter. Autoflowering seeds will start to flower automatically in less than 6 weeks. 


Don’t do it. It’s easy to over simplify and think that more fertiliser means a better plant but in reality you can kill your plant or make it not bud at all. Over watering is also a classic mistake along these lines. Too much water can cause the roots to die. 

Being Impatient

This one is a classic. Growing is a patient hobby, so don’t rush it. Harvest too soon and your end product will be underdeveloped. Too late and it can get mouldy or lose effect. Do your research on when the perfect time to harvest your strain is. Look up ‘cannabis trichome analysis’ and be ready for it to freak you out. 

Pick the right spot

Follow the rules, put your plant out of sight, in the right soil and with access to the right sunlight. If you’re worried about what the neighbours think, plant it amongst the tomatoes. You wont believe how normal it looks. 

Happy Growing. 

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