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The $2B “Green rush” of New Zealand Hemp

1 year ago • 2 MIN READ
New Zealand Hemp is currently worth about $30 million dollars. In 10 years, New Zeland hemp could be worth as much as $2 billion dollars.
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NZ Hempress Interview

1 year ago • 8 MIN READ
Tarryn and Lisa have created NZ Hempress, a cute down-to-earth hemp brand focused on spreading the majesty of hemp to every corner of New Zealand.
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Skydiving on CBD Oil

1 year ago • 4 MIN READ
CBD oil is growing in popularity as a natural pain reliever, without the mind-altering side effects often associated with cannabis use.
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Are hemp seeds gluten free?

1 year ago • 3 MIN READ
Hello Cannalist! I’m on a FOD map diet and my boyfriend is Keto, which got us wondering, are hemp seeds gluten free? Thank you!
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