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What is Synthetic Cannabis and is it safe?

1 year ago • 2 MIN READ
These drugs are deadly, cheap, and could be problematic in the future.
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New Zealand Medical Cannabis vs. Recreational

1 year ago • 4 MIN READ
Medical Cannabis has been legal since 2019, but there are still many problems with the current system. The problem is that medical cannabis depends on recreational and here is why.
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Investing in Cannabis- 5 Companies to Watch

1 year ago • 3 MIN READ
Investing in Cannabis is a tricky business. We put together this little guide to point you to some companies that are currently looking for investors like you.
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Terpenes and why they matter

1 year ago • 2 MIN READ
It seems like essential oils are in everything these days, from natural deodorants to cleaning products incense, and more.
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