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Is CBD oil safe?

CBD is used for a wide range of symptoms but it’s primary use if for medicinal reasons. Nearly 61.56% of users report employing CBD for a medical issue, with the three main reasons being: relief for chronic pain, joint pain/arthritis and anxiety. Of those surveyed, 36% state that CBD effectively aids their medical problem and CBD has been shown to help, not only, with pain management, sleep disorders, inflammation and anxiety, but also in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, epilepsy, eating disorders and reducing symptoms of psychosis.

Even better than that though, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), currently, there is no evidence that CBD causes any public health-related problems and that it is, not only, well-tolerated but also appears to have low toxicity.

In short, the answer is yes!

Will CBD get me high?

The CBD found in CBD oil is just one of the hundreds of compounds that compose the medical profile of Cannabis. Technically its known as a cannabinoid, but because it doesn’t affect the receptors in your brain and will not give you any sort of “buzz”. It might be easier to just think of it as the Ibuprofen of the cannabis world. It’s exciting to hear about a natural pain relief without the mind altering aspects of cannabis Before you go throwing your pills out, we want you to be aware of what the benefits and potential side effects of this natural medicine can be. CBD can be confusing, mostly because it is sourced in a variety of different ways, each with different properties. Just because you could take Hemp CBD and still pass a strict drug test, operate machinery or go cliff jumping, but you should still check out the potential side effects.

Can I cook with CBD?

Because CBD isn’t psychoactive and can be a good anti-inflammatory, its a great addition to most diets. As a cooking oil hemp seed oil has a pretty high heat tolerance but it is still suggested that it is mixed with something like Avocado oil. We prefer hemp oil on our salads (link to hemp oil review). 

Is CBD expensive?

I have no idea on this one. We don’t know what the pricing is going toby yet. 

How do I know how much to take? 

Depending on you, your pain level and your body, CBD could be a major aid to a recovery or dealing with chronic pain. It’s so important approach pain with the lowest amount needed to remedy your pain, and for many that will be hemp oil. The most common comment regarding entry levels of CBD is “nothing happened”, people feel no effect from their CBD purchase and feel shorted. This usually comes from not understanding that not all CBD is the same, and like Yoga has variations, you need to find the variation that is right for you. Study what might be good for your pain and don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t “work” the first time because the alternative might be getting a strong high, raiding the fridge and worried that time doesn’t exist. 


We’ll say it first “We’re not doctors”, so we recommend talking to your local qualified practitioner before starting any natural, supplement, herbal medicine or really anything for that matter. We’re also not cops or lawyers, but we do not suggest that you try, do, seek or ingest any illegal drugs. 

Our goal is not to promote or advocate for any substance listed in The Misuse of Drugs Act, but rather to inform and educate New Zealanders about the different options afforded by CBD. 

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