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If you ask Kiwis what they think “CBD” stand for, most will answer with “Central Business District”. Across the world “another CBD” is quickly becoming the natural wonder drug that everyone (including Oprah) is talking about. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been hailed from a “cure all” to nothing more than another health gimmick. We’re not here to tell you one way or the other, we just want you to be informed as to what it is, and maybe give you a talking points for you next conversation.

As New Zealand moves closer to the 2020 Cannabis Referendum, our goal is to educate New Zealanders as to the science, terminology, potential health benefits and social impacts of Cannabis and hemp derived supplements like CBD. Anecdotal and scientific evidence from already legalised countries suggests it could be good for sleep, inflammation, relaxation, headaches and body aches, but we’re probably getting ahead, keep reading to better understand this acronym that will soon be in conversations everywhere.

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