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Medical & Health Benefits

Taming Stress With CBD

Stress is something we all deal with and which, in small doses, can help us perform more efficiently. However, when it takes over, stress can become extremely problematic; potentially complicating neurological and physical behavior and other biological processes, exacerbating pre-existing health conditions and even increasing the likelihood of heart disease. The effects of stress are both deep and long lived and the common symptoms of stress noticed in everyday life include:

  • Muscle tension
  • Pain 
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
  • Anxiety

CBD has the ability to combat many of the symptoms associated with stress. CBD can improve mood and reduce our body’s natural fight-or-flight cortisol response, by interacting with our serotonergic receptors and modulating metabolism in our ECS. Basically, this means that using CBD smartly can significantly improve anxiety, pain and irritability, as well as fixing problems like staying awake and falling asleep, due to everyday stressors.

Utilizing CBD for Sleep

Due to CBD’s ability to modulate the ECS, scientists have been looking into its potential benefits for those who endure sleep disorders. Researchers in California, studying a group of patients with sleep issues, observed 66.7% reporting a better night’s sleep within the first month after completing a course of CBD treatment [2]. These results are good news for insomniacs; by regulating the body’s circadian rhythm, along with its ability to provide relief for people affected by REM sleep behavior disorder and nightmares, as a symptom of PTSD, CBD could be the natural answer to a good night’s sleep.

Anxiety and Cannabidiol

Anxiety itself is an issue increasingly faced by many in today’s hectic, screen-focused societies. When left unmanaged, it can, inadvertently, turn into a disorder with the ability to seriously affect quality of life. Studies have shown CBD’s potential of producing an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) physiological response in users; once again, great news for those whose lives have been affected by anxiety. According to The National Institute of Drug Abuse, “the therapeutic potential of CBD is currently being explored for a number of indications , including anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, schizophrenia, cancer, pain, inflammatory         diseases and others.”  Preliminary studies have found that anxiety may decrease as quickly as within the first month, once a CBD regimen has been started. CBD has also shown promise as an alternative treatment for people suffering from multiple social anxiety disorder (SAD), significantly decreasing anxiety and fear in subjects.

Pain Relieving Benefits

CBD can provide immense pain relief benefits for people who don’t have access, or are averse, to traditional pharmaceuticals. Its potent anti-inflammatory properties have been shown to relieve pain associated with cancer and central neuropathic pain, associated with multiple sclerosis (M.S.). CBD’s powerful ability to regulate the ECS, further amplifies its anti-inflammatory properties and, combined with its immunosuppressive capabilities, CBD can also reduce chronic pain caused by autoimmune disease and collagen-induced arthritis. When introduced early in treatment, CBD can not only prevent pain, associated with osteoarthritis and joint neuropathy, but can even block the continuation of arthritis, by helping induce apoptosis (cell death).

If that’s not an extensive enough catalogue of powers, CBD also possesses neuroprotective properties, which can help immensely with neuropathic pain. To top it off, it’s also an antioxidant. Studies have demonstrated that, by using CBD, the body is able to lessen glutamate toxicity, known for producing inflammation; left unbalanced, this toxicity can lead to chronic pain conditions, including migraines, fibromyalgia and IBS. CBD’s ability to intervene and resolve a multitude of neurological, physiological and nerve-related issues, by bringing the ECS back into a state of homeostasis are promising discoveries.

Side effects

The most common complaint with CBD is that “nothing happened”, because people often have high expectations of an effect but without any psychoactivity, the feeling can be really subtile. CBD is generally considered safe and cannabis activists will often roll out the fact that zero deaths are directly attributed to any sort of cannabis use, including CBD. However that doesn’t mean that you could experience some side effects. Usually too much CBD can feel a little like the fatigue felt from heat stroke. Some people also report changes in weight and diarrhoea. Always check with your doctor before you start any new supplement or ingest anything that could have side effects.

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