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TheBrothers Green


The Brothers Green is one of our favourite off the shelf brands, making everything from hemp snack bars, the Hempy Bar to Gut Health Protein Powder, and more recently a tempting range of organic chocolates. Their hemp journey started as an exploration of how to help New Zealand using sustainable and healthy hemp. They didn’t just follow a trend, they helped start it! Working closely with farmers and cultivators, The Brothers Green have been a monumental force in the South Islands hemp scene. More recently their efforts have grown to include a focus on modernising plant based nutrition for conscious consumers. Their website is a wealthspring of knowledge including over 20 free recipes, a tasty online store and a blog that explores hemp history and how fasting can reduce inflammation. You can also find their wholesale and stockist options, if you’re interested in carrying their product. We’re just hoping the Hempy Roll meat-less pie makes a comeback! Who knows, maybe someday you’ll see one in a servo near you. These brothers are all about the health plant, the people and the animals.

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