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We met the Merkaba team back in 2017 when they gifted us their original, hand stamped Merkaba Hemp chocolate bar. That poor chocolate bar didn’t stand a chance! The chocolate was a perfect blend of velvety, rich and nutty. Ever since then we’ve been dreaming of when we can make it back up to Raglan to grab a few dozen more. Thankfully they now ship right to your doorstep via PayPal and ShopPay.

Since then Merkaba has expanded their range to include natural butter soaps, raw hemp oil, lip balm and raw hemp seeds. Probably the coolest addition is their hemp milk kit, which includes everything you need to make your own hemp milk without all the nasty preservatives found in the boxed stuff at the grocery store. We think it could make a pretty cool gift for that stubborn DIY’er we all know.

Everything about Merkaba screams attention to detail and authenticity. Eco-conscious packaging, organic ingredients, hand pressed labels and collaborating with other local small business like Raglan Chocolates. They pay special attention to local and fair-trade ingredients, which isn’t easy for a startup. Extra points for having the full range be vegan!


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