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NZ Hemptress

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NZ Hemptress


A couple of kiwi mum’s on a mission to educate and inform New Zealanders about the endocannabinoid system. Their range of CBD oil, hemp balms and oils are hand crafted using cold pressed hemp sourced from Canterbury. What sets these ladies apart is their “go tell the world attitude”, which fearlessly guides them into health conversations with complete strangers. Their ability to connect is on display weekly at their farmers market stall and on their instagram “testamonials” page.

The NZ Hemptress site is rich with information, and a great place for anyone who wants to jump into The endocannabinoid System, plus they have the best original illustrated infographics around. They shop is well stocked with non prescription hemp oil and skin balms. If you have prescription, they can even help source medical grade CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil.

We look forward seeing what these ladies do next.

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