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Organic Mechanic

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Organic Mechanic


What started off as a couple of friends making kombucha at the locals farmers market in 2013 has grown into a very robust online wellness shops. Organic Mechanic stocks everything from their iconic OM kombucha to Skybright products like Colloidal Silver, and of course, hemp seeds. We think Organic Mechanic deserves and extra shout out for providing recipes alongside ingredients. It’s awesome to be informed with what you're trying to make before you set out to make it, so you can avoid being elbow deep in a maca powder dust, only to find you forgot to melt the coconut oil!

Lastly, we love the collaboration between Organic Mechanic and Hemp for Victory. Hemp for victory is a Hemp For Victory is a “social enterprise on a mission to help cultivate positive awareness about growing cannabis & hemp for food, fuel, fibre, clothing, medicine, freedom and prosperity in New Zealand and around the world.” For years they’ve been aiming for global industrial cannabis acceptance by 2020. It might not a happen globally but the odds are looking pretty good locally.

That is something we can dig.

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