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Will hemp get me high?

No. For a more detailed answer check out our Cannabis 101

Whats the point of smoking hemp?

There really isn’t a point to smoking hemp. To get a medical, or recreational “psychoactive effect” most people smoke the “female” flowers of the cannabis sativa plant. Hemp doesn’t produce any benefits through smoking. If you want hemp benefits look at CBD topicals, cooking oils or hemp hearts. Most of these benefits are nutritional or supplemental and not immediate pain relief. If you looking for immediate pain relief, check out cannabis. 

Can I grow hemp?

You could but you need a license. Plus growing your own hemp is kind of a pain because the hemp seeds need to be “dehulled”, which requires some processing. Its considered much easier and cheaper to purchase hemp from an industrial supplier. 

Does hemp have the same effect as CBD?

CBD can be processed from hemp or cannabis. Hemp derived CBD does not have THC but is also not as effective for some people because it lacks all the secondary cannabinoids that help synergistically. 

Does hemp have healing properties? 

There is evidence that hemp can help in healing inflammation and with various skin issues. 

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