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Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Since hemp is one of the most versatile plants on the planet, it should come as no surprise that hemp seed oil can help with everything from adding nutrients to your cooking to helping with post workout inflammation. 

Hemp Oil 

Hemp heart oil, which is just a term for hemp seeds that have been plucked from their shell, is usually the byproduct of pressed hemp seeds. This oil maintains all the health benefits, tasty flavour and nutrients of hemp seeds but in a more condensed form. Extraction to get hemp oil is usually conducted at room temperature using a hydraulic press and enzymes. “Cold-pressed” method usually refers to pressing the hemp seeds at a lower temperature, which some consider to better preserve sensitive nutrients in the oil because there is less heat to mess with the molecules. Benefits range from anti ageing linolic acid to increased omega-3 and omega-6. Did we mention its vegan too. 

Hemp CBD Oil 

This oil is perfect for the person that wants to try CBD but wants to avoid all THC. Hemp typically has very low levels of CBD and almost no THC, which means that CBD that comes from hemp will have 0% THC, but this also means that the medicine is typically missing the other properties that help reduce pain. CBD on its own is no “magic bullet”, because everyones body is unique and responds to cannabinoids differently, just extracting the CBD molecule on its own wont be enough to help some peoples pain, but might work great for other people. As with any alternative medicine, starting on the lowest point will let you gauge whats right for you. This is the entry level for CBD. Typically CBD oil is good for low level chronic pain, inflammation, hormone issues and small headaches.

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