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Industrial Uses


Textiles have been produced from the stalks of cannabis and hemp plants for thousands of years. Restrictions on the Cannabis Sativa plant has slowed the availability of the fibre and made it less desirable for farmers to grow, but make no mistake hemp textiles out perform cotton in many categories. Hemp stalks have a fibrous outer layer that is perfect for textile manufacturing, plus the crop can produce more fibre per square metre than cotton with far less pesticides or water. 

Bio Fuel

In 1941 Henry Ford made a whole car out of hemp and ran on hemp produced biofuel. Since Hemp was outlawed along with psychoactive cannabis, Ford could never realised his green car dream but a study by the University of Connecticut in 2010 found that the hemp fuel solution might be perfect for modern needs. Hemps ability to grow in infertile soil make it a perfect crop to use as biofuel. Researchers found that:


The hemp biodiesel showed a high efficiency of conversion – 97 percent of the hemp oil was converted to biodiesel – and it passed all the laboratory’s tests, even showing properties that suggest it could be used at lower temperatures than any biodiesel currently on the market.

And we know what your thinking- no you cant smoke the exhaust to get high. 


The biggest problem with hemp clothing is it will last longer than whatever fashion trend is happening right now. Good thing sustainability never goes out of style! Not only is hemp incredibly durable but it absorbs 4x more CO2 than trees, is drought resistant, doesn’t need a ton of pesticides and is actually pretty easy to grow. The only down side is hemp clothing can take a while to “Wear in”, making day one in a new hemp hoody feel kind of “stiff”, but fear not because hemp blends can bring a little more softness.  

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