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Is Hemp Legal in NZ?

Hemp has been legal to grow in New Zealand since 2005. A license will only cost you $511 but there are some very strict regulations behind how and where you can grow it, so don’t expect to just drop your crop in you front yard. Currently most of the hemp grown in New Zealand is for the production of hemp seed, which can be found in snack bars, cafe bliss balls and even some New Zealand produced equestrian feed. Mount Base winery was even issued a license to use hemp as a cover crop during the off season. Bizarrely, hemp seed used to be considered animal food only in New Zealand. This was probably due to the association with the more intoxication and THC rich version of Cannabis. Thankfully, this rule was updated and hemp seeds are now considered safe for human consumption legally.

Click here to read the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for hemp production.

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