The Brothers Green

Hemp seeds are nature’s most nutrient-dense seed and The Brothers Green are growing it, right here, in Aotearoa. They’re turning hemp seed into hemp hearts, hemp seed oils, vegan chocolate, kids’ hemp bars and, even, making a hemp-based twist on the classic Kiwi sausage roll. With most of their products being vegan, gluten-free, keto friendly and FODMAP approved, The Brothers Green are making products that are on-trend and suitable for, just about, anyone. Plus, their use of regenerative soil practices could be a  model for the future of sustainable farming and the perfect way to restore New Zealand’s soil, after being depleted over the years, by overuse from the likes of the dairy industry. These guys will be the ones to thank when you discover that vegan hemp sausage roll at your local servo.   


Specialises in using hemp for commercial construction uses. It started as a strange idea that’s been around since the 90’s, but hemp, or industrial hemp, can actually be used as a building material. Sometimes referred to as Hempcrete, hemp fibres can be processed into a strong building material that is both breathable, strong and sustainable. In much the same way that bamboo has made its way onto Kmart shelves, don’t be surprised if you see hemp starting to pop up at your local Mitre 10; one day you may, very possibly, grow your house, before you build it. 

Good Lids

Good Lids’ hat’s are a festival goer’s dream; built for blocking the sun out of your eyes, while watching a band and drinking a hazy, hemp-infused IPA. Started by two brothers, looking to both preserve the planet and shield their eyes, Good Lids is New Zealand’s only dedicated hemp-made headwear company.

Original Canvas

Started by three young entrepreneurs, Original Canvas aims to tackle the problems of waste culture and unsustainable clothing. Christchurch-based, Original Canvas is both hand-grown and hand-sewn, using “organic, eco-friendly hemp”. Because hemp takes very little water to grow and is one of the fastest CO2 absorbers on the planet, it’s easy to see why Original Canvas picked it as their weapon of choice in the war against fast fashion.

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