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Beginners guide to growing your own

2 years ago • 3 MIN READ
If the 2020 Referendum on Cannabis passes you’ll be able to grow two plants for personal use, with a cap of 4 plants max per household. These plants will be subject to some common sense regulations, which means you can’t give any cannabis to minors or grow it in your front yard.
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5 hemp snacks you can find in New Zealand, right now

2 years ago • 5 MIN READ
Ceres is a big player in New Zealand’s organic snack game. They make everything from natural health care products, to gluten-free rice snacks.
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The 5 Best Cannabis Jobs Coming to New Zealand

2 years ago • 5 MIN READ
When the 2020 New Zealand Cannabis referendum passes, we’re likely to see an explosion of ‘green jobs’ arrive on the labour market.
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