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The polls are now open, but will ‘progressive New Zealand’ vote YES?

1 year ago • 2 MIN READ
With less than a week left before the voting deadline, many feel the result hinges on youth turnout in the voting polls. What we do know for certain, is that the conversation is happening. More and more people are talking to family and friends about voting yes and stressing the importance registering and making sure to vote.
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NZ Hempress Interview

1 year ago • 8 MIN READ
Tarryn and Lisa have created NZ Hempress, a cute down-to-earth hemp brand focused on spreading the majesty of hemp to every corner of New Zealand.
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The 2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum

2 years ago • 7 MIN READ
This spring, Kiwis will be voting on whether they want to see safe and accessible, recreational cannabis, available legally, nationwide. But, in order to make the right decision, people need to know what they’re voting for.
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