Cannabis has a faulty reputation for making people lazy and producing a “couch-lock” like state. Luckily for many people, this isn’t always the case. As cannabis products continue to pop up, they’re even appearing in aspects of our lives we never knew needed improvement – including in the bedroom. 

Using cannabis for sex is becoming an increasingly popular practice for an abundance of reasons. Though much of the research is anecdotal claims, cannabis lube and other types of consumption have been appropriated to improve sexual function, particularly in women. 

Cannabis and Women 

Nearly 75% of women have issues having an enjoyable sexual experience due to problems with pain or sensitivity . A 2019 paper titled The Relationship Between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women showed that using cannabis during sex lessened overall sexual pain. These findings are indispensable for women with undesirable sexual experiences due to issues surrounding sexual discomfort and pain. Researchers also presented data that of the women studied, most reported an increase in their sexual experience, including improvement in orgasm. 

Improved Orgasms 

Researchers were able to show through the survey that nearly 69% of women who used cannabis before their sexual activity, noted an escalation in pleasure. The interviewees also reported having an overall more pleasurable encounter. In addition to improved satisfaction, 60% of women also reported a rise in sex drive after consuming cannabis. 

These findings apply to other aspects of sexual activities, including 52% finding sexual activities more pleasurable. The study proceeds to mention that women who consume cannabis more often experience higher odds of satisfactory orgasms than women who did not regularly use it, along with also finding that frequent users had increased intensity for orgasms overall. 

Cannabis in Lube 

Widespread utilization of cannabis is by way of cannabis lube. Research is limited regarding the exact science behind its benefits. However, many anecdotal claims promise increased clitoris sensitivity along with a reduction in associated sexual pain. These claims are not surprising; topicals and serums are a popular product that has shown immense perks to stimulating the epidermis and providing localized pain relief. 

When used in a lube with a combination of THC and CBD, or just one phytocannabinoid isolated alone, the lube can begin to absorb through your mucosal gland located in your vagina causing intoxicating effects. During the absorption process can produce psychoactive outcomes, whereas other topicals applied to the skin will not. Many people find cannabis lube to be used beyond the bedroom, useful for discomfort, stimulation, and even menstrual cramps. Cannabis lube can also produce psychoactivity intentionally or promote the release of hormones responsible for sexual arousal. 

Stimulating More Than Just Receptors 

It has been hypothesized that cannabis interacts with the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, which controls sex hormones. There are also receptors in areas of the brain that release hormones necessary in healthy sexual arousal; at the same time, there are enhanced dopamine levels alongside serotonergic receptors’ stimulation. 

These physiological responses all work synergistically to provide a euphoric quality that helps intensify sexual occurrences , either solo or alone. The paper further points out that serum levels of endocannabinoids may play a role in measures of arousal. Cannabis has the potentiality to be a powerful resource and useful for more than sexual stimulation, especially when having other symptoms cannabis has been shown to treat already. 

Anxiety Reduction 

Apart from cannabis providing a more exhilarating encounter, it has been proposed that sexual function is gained due to simply lowering cortisol levels brought on by stress and anxiety. Cannabis is a well-known anxiolytic, assisting with the symptoms of anxiety and panic. 

Solely by lowering stress levels, sexual function is improved. In addition to lessening sexual restraints, cannabis can also help boost confidence in users. Another theory of why cannabis makes sex more pleasurable has to do with interactions regarding time’s temporal perception. This response may highlight the prolonged feelings of pleasure while concurrently increasing sensations of touch, smell, vision, gustation, and even hearing, creating the perfect sensual storm with added qualities of diminished tension. 

Conclusive Research 

Cannabis and sex have been intertwined predating current research. Nevertheless, as with most cannabis therapy, the need for continuing research is imperative to fully comprehend the multitude of ways cannabis can assist women’s needs and further explore that of other genders, including gender-nonconforming people. 

Cannabis has shown to be useful in modulating pain, increasing sensitivity, and reducing anxiety. With the prospects of cannabis appearing to be powerful, the potential to aid numerous conditions and enhance the experience exploration into further research should include a broader spectrum of genders and nuances of sexualities. It’s vital to keep in mind that when using cannabis during sex, creating a safe environment is of the utmost priority to maintain feelings of safety and comfort, which is always at the core of a satisfying sexual encounter. 

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